Bye Bye Wisdom Toofs

I just got a wisdom tooth and an impacted tooth removed! Preemptive measure, since I had one erupt last year that I had to take out. At that time, I was oblivious and thought my jawbone decided to peek through my gums all swollen for a couple of weeks — not sure why I wasn’t more alarmed about that idea — before I decided to call it in.

The impacted one was growing sideways, silly little guy. Now half my face is swollen, and I have a course beginning tomorrow. It’ll be a good conversation starter I suppose.

I’m the kind of person that likes to watch videos of cyst removals and cataract surgeries on YouTube, but I understand not everyone’s like that so click here to see the picture if you’re not squeamish. And click here to see the one from last year plus two baby teeth fragments. I previously sent that pic to my boss and coworker, and just sent the new one to my old boss as well haha. Apparently I have no gross filter that makes me think, “hmmm, TMI?”



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