Nobuchika Eri 2015

I don’t really follow J-Pop much these days, but one of my favorite singers, Nobuchika Eri (信近エリ) is making a comeback!

Many know her as the singer of Lights from the PSP game Lumines. I love love love her first album, it was flawless. I’m not fond of ballads, but her music didn’t bore me at all. I bought her second (indie) album too and while it was quite different, her voice was still great and soothing. Occasionally, I google her to see if there’s any news, and early last year I stumbled across a live perf (that was taken down by a copyright claim, boo) that gave me hope. While she stopped updating her blog, she still had an Instagram I could follow.

But this month, a bunch of updates hit at once. She signed under Rhythm Zone (back under the same label as Osawa Shinichi, who produced her first album *fingers crossed*), revamped her site and is on a new tv show called Suiyou Kayousai (水曜歌謡祭, Music Festival on Wed). They sing hit songs from the past; here’s a compilation from her shiny, brand-new Youtube channel!

Also, here’s a clip from the show I found on Youtube (that’ll probably get taken down, so I’m sticking it at the end of the post).

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    1. Haha I am a little obsessed 😀 I miss those days of J-Pop. Sometimes I wonder what happened to singers I liked and start googling them. Good timing on this one 🙂

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