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Dear Esther

I played Dear Esther, which was in one of the Humble Bundles I bought last year. Well, less playing and more endless walking, with the occasional swimming to keep myself from drowning in the ocean and caves.

The environment was just wow. Nonstop scenery porn right here. I’m not a big sucker for graphics, but the island setting was just breathtakingly beautiful. The lighting, the textures, the water effects, those were the elements that made this “game”.

Little details like the spray of water from crashing waves to specks of burnt wick in candles, even the lines in a cracked eggshell really stood out.

The candles even have specks of burnt wick in them.
The candles even have specks of burnt wick in them.

If you’re impatient and need some action in your games, this probably isn’t for you. For me, even if there was no story whatsoever, I would still be willing to traverse the island, although I did find myself wishing at times for a running feature to speed up the long walks on the beach.